Thursday, 25 August 2011

The latest

A lot has changed since I last posted something.

1. My bf and I have our own home again... Sooooo good.
2. I'm working part time.
3. I have an iPad yay!!!
4. I'm not super stressed about studying full time....
5. Because I'm not studying at all at the moment.
6. I'm having a break for the next six month.

There's not much point in studying right now. I'm not motivated and I've become very indecisive in terms of what career path I want to go down. I know I want to work in finance but am not sure what part. So before I study anything, I need to figure this out and then decide on the study option most suitable to my plan.

I also think I just need a break to be able to do a few things that study hasn't allowed me to do.

I have a super busy month coming up with lots of birthday outings. Soooo excited! I'll have lots of pics to share!

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