Sunday, 29 September 2013

Time For Changes

Are any of you still out there? I have been so slack with my blog this year. I get hardly any time because I work full time and travel 1.5 hours to work and then the same 1.5 home every day. I have decided to move to Brisbane in the next few weeks so I can have a life during the week! I can't believe how long it has taken me to decide. I have been travelling for nearly a year and a half.

Another reason why I want to move is so I have more time pursue my a new little project/goal I have. I want to start a market stall/online store and sell clothes that I make. I will be starting VERY small as I'm pretty slow right now and want my creations to be good quality. 

So anyway.. I just wanted to say hey to everyone that is still blogging and share some of my inspiration that I've found lately for Spring and a few personal pictures.

Bf & I

$15 jeans & top I made

Part of the blanket I'm knitting

Making organisation more fun <3

Making my hat for the races

At the races

Bored at workies. Made this skirt.

Hamilton Island


  1. love all these pics! :)


  2. Lovely photo selection! :)
    I know what you mean to do with travelling to work, I travel 1.5 hours too but i have recently got a new job which is much closer to home :) Good Luck with your move!! i'm sure it will be worth it and you'll save lots of money with travel expenses! :)
    You're so creative I love what you done with that notebook! The clothes you made are lovely! I would love to see the online store when its up and running :)
    Abbie xxx