Monday, 18 June 2012

Follow me on my new Instagram and I will follow you all back!

Hey lovelies,

It is about time that I jumped on the Instagram bandwagon. I have had it for a few days now and I am loving it! I am looking for some inspirational people to follow who have the same interests as me...i.e blogging, fashion, beauty and lifestyle! Which is you guys ofcorse!

My username is Sophlife so please follow me and I'll follow you all back :)

Here are my first few photos.

Embracing my white skin this week and wearing my favorite top that I made


Made this dress

Cutest cupcakes I've ever made

About to knit a blanket with some sparkles in it

Making shorts

Surprise birthday flowers for mum at work to make her feel loved (and popular!) 

I'm excited to start sharing photos with each other!

Xox Soph


  1. Gorgeous pictures and i too adore instagram x

  2. Cupcakes are so cute!

    Looks like you have some serious skills :)


  3. cute photos!

    P.S check out my giveaway and win some awesome chic 3D Glasses!