Friday, 30 December 2011

A few things to share from this past week

So this was how I ended up wrapping my family's Christmas presents! I was very happy with the blue white and silver theme. Once again, I'm sorry for the iphone photos ahhh I am terrible!

I made my dad's present black, white and gold instead. 

 These are the shoes I got my sisters for christmas.

I Made this berry passion cheesecake a few days later. It wasn't perfect but it was still yummy. I ate most of it!

At home, about to hit the sales.

 My girls and I had half price dinner and drinks at East in Broadbeach. Sooooo goooood! 
Like my new bag? I got it for Chrissi... I absolutely love it! It fits so much in there, so now there's no excuses not to have my camera on me. 

 We stayed at East and had free champagne because it was ladies night. Half price dinner and free drinks, what a score! 

I am getting excited for the new year now. Having a bit of a crisis deciding what to wear atm but I'm sure everything will work out fine. I really really want to wear my new fake eyelashes. I have had them for about a month now and have never had time to put them on when I'm getting ready. I hope tomorrow night will be the night I get to finally try them out! 

What are you all doing for new years? Can't wait to see all your gorgeous piccys! 


  1. I love the effort you go into packaging the presents, you really inspire me and I think I'm going to try that next year :)btw I love the dress you are wearing xx

  2. They are so beautifully wrapped, love the bows!

    Laura xo

  3. Uh I adore the blue and white theme too, so pretty and delicate!

    The pink heels are amaziiiingg!

  4. pretty wrapped,

    happy new year


  5. looks like a lot of fun! Happy new year!

  6. love the packaging, you look gorgeous. happy holidays, happy new year. :) xx

  7. super cuteeeeee pics!!!thanks for your sweet words and hope u'll come visit me more often!

    happy new year!!!!!!


  8. I love your sisters' shoes! They are glorious :)
    Happy New Year to you, your family and the people you love :)May all your dreams come true :)

  9. Wow, you look great in that glittery dress and the chunky platform heel is gorgeous.

  10. I love your outfit, the skirt is so bright and cute. So adorable :)

  11. party girl. ok a it u will be.