Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Obsessing over wedges

Do you seriously want to know what I've been doing every lunch hour for the past two weeks.......? 

Looking at shoes in the same shoe shops nearly every day! I tend to procrastinate when it comes to making the purchase. I'm just so afraid of regretting it because I may end up never wearing/using what I buy OR find the exact same item much cheaper elsewhere! I like to look for ages and at nearly every single shop before I buy. - Painful...... I know! 

 Anyways I really really want a gorgeous pair of wedges for the summer to wear during the day or night. I've been looking at ones that have been in the $100-$180 price range. I don't like to pay this much for shoes!! $100 is ok... but any more I'm really like ahhhhhh!  

These days there's always cheaper copies available at so many stores. At the moment I haven't found many nice wedges in the cheaper shops like Rubi Shoes, famous footwear & London Rebel. They will all be out in a month or two I would say. BUT I CAAAAAAN'T WAIT!!! AND I WON'T I WANT THEM NOW! Hahaha sorry please excuse that Y generation tantrum I just had. 

 Ok so I've got a plan. I'll buy a pair of wedges that I am in love with now and spend the $100 or so. Then when summer comes around I'll buy a basic nude pair that will go with everything in a cheap store or on sale. What are your thoughts? I'll show you some I'm loving the looks of at the moment. Sadly though, the pair I actually think I will end up getting isn't on the Zu Shoes website :(

Nude- Herro Leopard $169.95
Siren- Legra Fuchisa $139.95
Zu- Protea $70.00

What shoes are you getting this spring/summer? 
Xox Soph ~


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Those leopard wedges are to die for. I wish it was getting ready to be spring here. lol.

    Now following.

  2. AAH! I love those blue ones.. sooo gorgeous.. i think you should get them, definitely worth itxx


  3. The third pair is my favourite! They're so cute and awesome!



  4. not that long ago I couldn't even look at wedges and now I can't imagine my life without them! they are so comfy and stylish. interesting picks!:)

    An Interesting Distraction

  5. I love the pink ones, i would wear them also during fall with heavy stockings.
    Enjoy your day
    Sara C.

  6. i really love the fuchsia wedge!

    xx jamie

  7. great post!!;D


  8. I've been really loving wedges lately too, and the third pair is just stunning! Now, if only I had $70 to spare! :D