Thursday, 19 May 2011

I'm going to London & Paris!

I'm going to London & Paris with my mum and sisters at the end of June! It's quite close now to the time we leave, so I'm getting quite excited. I've been so busy with work and uni that I've kind of forgotten about the whole trip really! I wish I could spend heaps of money over there. But I can't... Everything I'm earning at the moment has to just sit there and not be touched as I'm going back to uni full time next semester and will need my savings for that year. Annoying but oh well. I'll have money to spend after that year is over!

Anyways, it is still going to be great. I can't wait to go to Paris and try all their pastries and desserts. I am going to eat sooooo many macaroons. I'll be taking heaps of photos... mostly of food probably haha. I would love to do a cooking class over there. We're going to see my auntie who has lived over there most of her life now so that will be interesting to see where she lives. We are also hopefully going to catch up with some of our cousins and also my best friend Kate who will be over at the same time!

I really want to be a good cook. My boyfriend used to be a chef so he helps me so much. However, he does like to just take over and not let me do anything sometimes! That's when we're cooking dinner. So it is good I guess because we can get dinner ready a lot quicker.  He has taught me a few good dishes so far. Pasta ones mainly... my favourite! I can't wait till we are in our own home so I can practice again. I've probably forgotten everything I learnt from him when we were living together a year ago.

I'm going to bake macaroons this weekend. This will be the third attempt. Nathan and I were mucking around the 1st time we made them and didn't read the recipe properly. Mind you... it was a dumb recipe! The second time I didn't check on them and left them in the oven until they were supposed to be ready. That batch burnt :( I didn't know that my mums oven was 10- 20 degrees hotter than what the temperature actually said rrrr!

Even if I did check them, I probably wouldn't have taken them out until they were close to burnt. I doubt myself in the kitchen a lot. Failing at so many recipes has crushed my confidence! It's soooo frustrating! But I am determined to be amazing at it one day soon. Practice makes perfect! We'll see how my macaroons turn out this time.


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